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2019 The American University of Paris Fine Art Gallery, one man show                              of drawings and paintings.

2016  Galerie Metanoia, Paris, Artistes Américains à Paris, group show                              of paintings 

2016 Combes Gallery, The American University of Paris, Exhibition                                 of drawings from the publication, Breathing Underwater, Sylph                                 Editions in the UK.              

2013 AUP’s 50th anniversary. Donation of granite sculpture to                                           commemerate the university's 50th anniversary            

2013  The American University of Paris, three-person show of paintings.

2013  Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers                                    d’Art, Retrospective group exhibition of ENSAAMA ex-students 1970-                    2013, paintings, , Paris.

2012  Casino Gallery, Aix-les-Bains, France Three-person show of paintings.

2012  Espace La Preuve par Neuf, Paris, solo exhibition of drawings, paintings,                sculpture

2011  Novosibirsk State Museum, Novosibirsk, Russia, solo show, 70 works,                    paintings drawings

2011  Haus Kasuya Museum, Kamakura, Japan, with Japanese artist Matsutani,                paintings and drawings, two-man show

2011  Sakura City Museum, Japan, “Le chat qui parle”, group show of paintings

2011  Mutsu Gallery, Tokyo, solo show of paintings and drawings

          link:  (video of                          opening with Ralph playing sax)

2011  The American University of Paris Fine Arts Gallery, solo show of                              drawings for the book Démons Quotidiens, (2011) texts by Nancy Huston,              drawings by Ralph Petty

2011   Espace d’Editeur Iconoclaste, Paris, exhibitions of drawings for the book,                 Démons Quotidiens

2010  Tobinodai Park Museum, Funabashi City, Japan, “Esprit de Jomon II”,                       group show

2011   Novosibirsk National Art Museum, Novosibirsk, Russia, solo exhibition                   of paintings and drawings, the third largest museum in Russia

2010   Eumeria Gallery, Tokyo, exhibitions of paintings, group show                                   comprising of 4 other international artists. There was a symposium on                     Fuji television on the program “Prime Time News” May 14, Friday, 20:00               -22:00 (Tokyo time) that discussed this exhibition with the theme                             “Internationalism, localism in the arts”. Prime Time News is one of the                     major cultural television programs on Japanese television.

2010   T & S Gallery in Tokyo, exhibitions of paintings and drawings, one man                   show.

2005   Combes Gallery, The American University of Paris Permanent Collection                 Exhibition, paintings.

           Stage set (design and execution) for Samuel Beckett’s Play for the London               based Godot Theatre Company.

1999   Cline Contemporary Art Gallery, “New Artists,” Sante Fe, New Mexico.

1997   Mona Bismark Foundation, American Artists in France 1958 – 1998,, Paris.

1992   Eglise St. Pierre-St. Paul, Montreuil – Installation. 250 sq. m. of paintings i             in the church for the 500th anniversary of discovery of America.

           The city of Montreuil – Paintings, three-man show "Des Amériques".

           Parsons School of Design, New York – Drawings.

           Prague National Museum, Paintings, selected for the exhibition:

           " Contemporary Art in France”

1982   Château de Nieul, France, paintings, sculptures, stained glass 

           Design, creation and presentation of a 13-meter dragon on the esplanade of              the Georges Pompidou Center, Paris (concurrent with the Nieul


 1981.  Galerie L'Oriflamme, Paris,  sculptures


            An American Artist in Paris: Ralph Petty
 1980   Directed by Michel Gales and Lorna Monohan,

            with the cooperation and assistance of the French Telecom.



2015.              Honored as: Professor Emeritus  of The American University of Paris.                

2004-2015      Founded and Curator of The American University of Paris Fine Arts Gallery.

1990`2015      American University of Paris – Professor of Fine Arts.

2012-2016       Co-chair of the Art History Fine Arts Department at AUP.

1997-00          Institut d’Études Politiques, Paris—Lecturer on contemporary art.

1987-97          Parsons School of Design, Paris—Painting and drawing instructor.

1994-95          Coordinator for N.Y. Parsons Summer Program in Paris.

1992-94           Gallery Director of Parsons School of Design, Paris.


2006-2010       Designer for Flesh and Flora bedding company, London

1978-1982       Assistant product designer under Michel Diehl at Carré Noir,


2002-2007       President and founding member of the “Art Ephemérè”, Jaujac, France

2000                Lome, Togo. Conference of contemporary American art and workshops with West 

                        African artists as part of the Ewole festival (under the auspices of the American 

                        Cultural Services, U.S. Embassy, Paris.

1999                Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris: Presentation/discussion of works (in conjunction                            with the anniversary celebration for FRANK, a literary journal).

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